The expertise you need to repair, restore & revitalize your workplace.

We can help. Adarys, our experienced workplace mediators and conflict resolution specialists are ready to help you resolve issues quickly so you can move ahead in business and life.

Investigation & Mediation

ADARYS provides a full-service approach to solving problems in the workplace. Through third-party neutral investigation and mediation, we help organizations repair relationships and further their understanding of workplace dynamics.

ADARYS provides trusted, specialized and results-oriented informal dispute resolution services to assist your organization with conflict arising from potential litigation, pre-litigation disputes, and conflict in the workplace. In addition, we have the requisite experience to navigate unionized and non-unionized environments while conducting third-party neutral investigations. We provide thorough, confidential, and comprehensive report writing which includes findings of fact, conclusions and recommendations that will help navigate your organization through these challenges.

Indigenous Focus

ADARYS is committed to achieving the goal of reconciliation and we are committed to the mindset that the challenges Indigenous Peoples and Communities in Canada face today are also our challenges to face as Canadians. Above all else, this must be the focus of our work in making reconciliation a reality.

ADARYS is dedicated to offering pragmatic solutions through an Indigenous lens. In working with our Indigenous clients, we are constantly gaining insight into the sophisticated social structures of Indigenous peoples and their communities. This invaluable education, through many kind and patient teachers, drives us to ensure that we never misrepresent Indigenous culture.