About Us

Starting in the heart of Northwestern Ontario in 2021, we grew from a small practice servicing mainly First Nations and private sector clients to the National Capital Region where we continue to provide quality conflict resolution services to our clients across Canada. We are still a small but unique firm that prioritizes our clients’ needs over our own. We understand our clients from the perspective of putting ourselves in their shoes to learn what pressures, challenges, and precipitating factors are affecting them. We put an emphasis on strong professional ethics and quality of work over the fly-by-night consulting approach.

Who We Are

We are designed to do what we what we do best – resolve workplace conflict. We are resourceful, relentless, loyal, and fair.

Aside from experience, professional skills and qualifications, you should never care about what an investigator has accomplished personally or what they do in their free time. The work product and working relationship with our clients is what matters to us, not our personal profiles and accompishments. 

We believe that claiming to be an expert in countless fields is disrespectful to the client. We do not offer expertise in an unrealistic number of fields and if we do not have the expertise, we will find it through our network of trusted partners. We do not pretend to be experts in areas in which we are not – but we know how to find them and our network is expansive and cross-disciplinary. We scour every possible inch of the ocean that is your workplace’s challenges.

We solve the challenges your organization faces while building strong working relationships built on trust, loyalty and respect. We commit ourselves to these principles which guide us every day in the meaningful and impactful work we provide our clients.

Above all else, your organization can rest assured that we conduct our work with the utmost professional and ethical standards you should expect from an investigator.

Reese Little, BSc., LL.B


Email. reese@adarysconsulting.com

Phone. (613) 621-9173


  • Bachelor of Laws, Cardiff University, 2011
  • Bachelor of Science, Lakehead University, 2006

Conflict Resolution Case Experience

  • First Nations
  • Canadian Human Rights Act
  • Construction
  • Discrimination
  • Government of Canada
  • Health Care
  • Harassment and Violence
  • Information Technology
  • Labour and Employment Relations
  • Municipal
  • Personal Injury
  • Policing
  • Sciences
  • Sports
  • Unions
  • University/College